Welcome to Cody Designs - Luxury, Handcrafted Pillowcases!

At Cody Designs, we handcraft, quality, one-of-a-kind, luxury pillowcases that are as unique as the heads that rest on them! Each pillowcase is designed, hand-cut and sewn using only the finest cotton and velour fabrics available. Incredibly durable and machine washable, the colors and patterns are constructed not to run or fade.

As seen to the left, each pillowcase consists of a body of soft solid color material and a cuff of various fabric designs to entice each customer individually and make your bedroom an experience of its own.

Go to our online gallery of ready made pillowcases and choose from a wide selection of our more popular designs, or 'click' over to our Custom Gallery for more information about our custom order process. There are literally hundreds of color and pattern options, making your selection the most difficult part of the process. Also, ask us about our collegiate and team fabrics!

Once your head rests on a Cody Design luxury, handcrafted pillowcase it'll never want to touch another pillowcase again!